Friday, August 7, 2009

Since this freebie is such a great one- I wanted to remind everybody about it! Today starts Kraft's FREE GROCERIES promo. Today through the 23rd kraft will buy your groceries (25$)! There are a few rules (only at participating stores and certain kraft products) but they aren't too strict and WELL WORTH twenty five dollars! Happy shopping. Just click on the kraft picture for all of the details.

Yesterday we didn't post- because it was a crazy long fun and busy day! plus, by the time I saw Kent I wanted to spend time with him rather than blog!

On wednesday he started surgery. Check one off our list of future medical specialties. Perhaps if he loved doing it-the hours would somehow seem less torturous. For now it's HELL. I'm not complaining- just documenting- Kent's current atrocious schedule :) He was spoiled during pediatric surgery! I am glad that Kent is getting this rotation over with first, though. Everything should seem easier after these hours. He's still enjoying himself- and getting to take part in some really cool stuff.

This morning he had to head off at five so I got up with him to make him some food (the dang kid is dropping pounds like he's at fat camp or something) and say goodbye since I won't see him for awhile. I told him I wanted to take a picture of him in his "doctor" clothes. He wasn't too happy about the request- but he did entertain me. Check out his shoes- we've been searching for a great deal on some brown dress shoes and I picked these ones up for nine bucks yesterday.

Here's his past three days schedule. It really hasn't been too bad on me (besides missing him) but poor old Zeb has no idea what's going on. He'll adapt quickly (kids always do) but for now the incessant whining for "paaaaapaaaa" has become even more so (if it's even possible to become more incessant).

Wednesday. 7a-7p. Not too bad.
Thursday. 6a-9p. Long day. The rugrats didn't ever see him.
Today. He went in at five this morning and won't be home until tomorrow at NOON.

seeya after your surgery rotation, kent! At least you get to be doing pretty cool stuff.

I've been feeling pretty guilty the past two years when Kent comes home and asks us what we did that day. It's always cool stuff like zoo trips, swimming parties, and playing with friends. Now he's the one coming home with the adventures.


cyndi said...

Leisy, you mentioned for the $25 deal, the closest store was going to be a bit of a drive, but there is a Ssve a lot off Airport!

Kenna said...

In Marc's first year of residency, there was about 7 or 8 days in a row that the kids never saw him because he left so early and got home so late! It stinks, but it DOES end!

yaya said...

Leisy, thanks for letting us know you met the Rosby's...They are good friends with Jack's cousin Larry and his wife (my bff)Donna. We know them too of course...Ashland is a tiny place, but so it the world!

Katy said...

I can hardly beleive that he is already in his doctor clothes! That is crazy! I am definetly checking into the Kraft promo too! Thanks!