Sunday, May 1, 2011

 My blogging has been terrible. Lacking.

We've been crazy busy- but I haven't been taking my camera anywhere.

I did get a new phone- and I've at least been snapping some phone pics!

This is possibly the boys' favorite activity ever.  We go to Sam's club- they get a slice of pizza to share- and then they watch the trains go by on the tracks in the neighboring field.  We've been going that direction a lot more often than usual because there's a big dumpster full of cardboard boxes that we raid every few days.
And here's the Z man at his soccer game this past week. he was cold and really didn't want to go out on the field. He wouldn't even look at me for the picture. Once we got him out there he had a lot of fun- and even scored two goals.  I'm not sure we can even really call it soccer- but the three year olds running around are enjoying it. Most of the time anyhow.
A picture of my new running shoes. I LOVE them.  I've always wanted some crazy flashy colored insane shoes- but the types I need (asics for mild/moderate pronation) never have any options besides boring normal ones. This time I went to dave's running store and my friend, Jeff (a guy who's on the marathon training team), found me these beauties. I'm ecstatic. The green is super green.
And here's my usual running trail.  We had to take a detour.
Here's one measly pic from our trip up to Grand Rapids for Easter. It was great fun- as always- but I think that I ate way too many M&ms.  I have a serious addiction to them.
And finally- some pics we took this morning out on our puddle jumping sunday morning walk.
Zeb is trying to teach Ike to jump like a frog here.  Ike really really wants to do EVERYthing that Zeb does.
And Zeb is usually happy to help him do it.
 They were all excited to walk through the grass clippings-
 and then Ike freaked when he realized that this was the end result.  He just kept pleading "get it off! get it off!".
 Kent is off another two weeks starting tomorrow- so we should have lots of adventures to blog :)  I'll do my best to take my camera along to document.


HowellAZ said...

Great pictures of those boys squatting down/jumping at the puddles. I just thought that was adorable!

Lyndsay said...

Do you still need boxes? We keep throwing them away. I have a big one from amazon that used to have two boxes of diapers in them. I would love to re-use rather than just recycle them.

Jason & Shannon said...

I LOVE their rainboots!!! They are so stinking cute in their jammies and rainboots!

yaya said...

You will have to remind those cuties what they considered great fun in a few years. I love soccer and at that age we always called it "bumble bee ball"...all the kiddos just ran after the ball in a big group! I love the boys boots and after they are in the new house with a lawn, grass clippings will be more the norm!

Michelle said...

Miss those cute boys!