Thursday, May 26, 2011

  Really- since almost my first day here I have loved this place.  Every time I tell native Toledoans how much I love it here- they are flabbergasted.  Not very many people truly love Toledo! and I really really do.
I love the green. I love the parks. I love the zoo. I love the libraries. I love the YMCAs. I love the weather. I love Meijer.  I love the friendly Ohio people.  I love where I live.  

But, really, more than anything. I love my friends. The ones that have already moved- the one's leaving- and the ones still here. It's terrible that it's time to go. I can't believe that I only have ten days left.

Even with the INSANE weather and tornado warnings- we all gathered for one last big party and it was WONDERFUL. 


yaya said...

What a fun looking, and good looking group! Toledo will miss such a staunch should be the mayor!

Michelle said...

That's a LOT of friends!! You always seem to find the best of anywhere you are. :) Looks like a fun group! Moving stinks.

New adventures await!

Ashley D said...

I love this picture - I might be stealing it! So sad to see you go!!!!