Wednesday, May 4, 2011

 Today was one of our last playgroups in preparation for the mass exodus about to take place!  and we chose one of our favorite snowy/rainy day places- the YMCA gymnastics center. Every city in the world needs a place like this!  Free (with a y membership) reign of all the gymnastics equipment! the kids LOVE it. And I love it because it exhausts my little rugrats.

I can only hope that these kids all meet up at BYU in fifteen or sixteen years and reunite as best friends! along with all their other pals that have moved on in the past few years!!  they won't change all that much, right?  they can pick up right where they left off - except maybe without so many pushes, fights, and tears :)
 Really- these kids all get along pretty well.  I love that Matthew and Zeb are laughing at each other so hard here. They can get going about the STRANGEST things sometimes.
 And here's our dear pal, Ellie.  She deserves this giant picture because she's leaving for good THIS week.  Every time we remind Zeb- he gets this giant frown on his face and starts to tear up. Really.  She's one of his best friends and I really hope they can at least skype each other to stay in touch!
Kent has another two weeks off this week (really- since october it has felt like he's had the WHOLE year off. We've been really really lucky this year with an amazing schedule) he got to join us. I'm certain he's a better parent than I am.  He was seriously sweating while playing with ALL of the kids today.  Kids we didn't even know were begging to play with him.
I'm really going to miss playgroups in toledo.  There's nothing better than talking with friends while your kids run amuck :)


Annie O said...

Hey, how do you get that cool Reactions box at the bottom of your blog posts?

HowellAZ said...

Looks like a great time...I love how the kids are sweating right along with Kent. Ha ha!

Michelle said...

Love how Kent gets right in there. He's the coolest!

Delaps said...

Thanks for taking the pictures. I have tears in my eyes thinking about sunday.

M- your favorite said...

It's hard to leave great friends- and great family!
We sure miss you guys! I also LOVE SKYPE- best thing ever!