Friday, May 13, 2011

to buffalo we go!!

 Monday morning we decided to take a last minute trip to Buffalo!  I feel like we've been living one crazy long vacation the last few months!! and I'm not going to complain about it :)

We decided to get out and stretch our legs in Kirtland. May is the best time to visit ANYwhere. It was beautiful and very UNcrowded.  I can't believe how fast these two can run. and they could go forever.  They tired us out.

 They are definitely best friends- and are starting to gang up on us.  It kind of terrifies me.  Luckily they are really really good to each other.
 This is his 'please don't make me get back in the car' face.
 And here's Zeb by his favorite trees. He told us: "it looks like it's snowing but it really isn't. The popcorn popping leaves are just falling".
 Once we got to Buffalo we did all sorts of crazy stuff.  I'll include just one of our days for now.

Laney and Taylor's front yard is literally the zoo.  You couldn't get closer to the rhinos unless you were actually in their cage.  So- of course- we visited the zoo for a few hours.

This monkey LOVED Ike.  He tried to share his tractor with the monkey and that must have won the little guy over.
 All three boys got some good laughs out of him.
 And then we came home to play in the hose!  I'm not sure if it was truly that warm- but the rugrats begged to do it.
 I can't believe that in a few short weeks we'll be living in a house with our OWN hose and yard to play in!! CRAZY.
and I'm fairly certain this is the last shot of any one happy.  The boys got tired and cranky pretty fast with all of the icy water!
 The morning ended with this. Times three.
 I'm sad that Buffalo is going to be a bit further away once we move! it's been so nice to just be able to run to buffalo for a couple of days!  We'll still be making the trip often enough, I'm sure!


HowellAZ said...

I just love that picture of them holding adorable!

Laney said...

poor henry. that face makes me so sad.

Delaps said...

Finally Ohio in Bloom. I am so sad that I missed it this year.

Michelle said...

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL!!

Darling boys!