Tuesday, May 24, 2011

our day of chess

Please say a little prayer for my hip :)  I've been having some pain lately and it's making me CRAZY. I've got the big race coming up on the 11th so I'm trying to not make it worse. So today- instead of gym time- we had chess time. I had to go and do something to take my mind off of my leg so I took the rugrats to the mall to play around outside.  We got to feed the MONSTER scary fish - I swear these giant fish would eat my children if they fell in!- and play giant chess.

The rugrats pretended that the chess pieces were moving to dayton!  they took them ALL off the board and moved them to the grass to 'pack them up' and then moved them all back.  They were working so hard that they were sweating!
Here's Ike saying: "no pictures mom! no pictures!".  He was such a nasty little bugger today.
and sorry the pics are so low quality- they are cell phone pics!


Nate and Jessica said...

Toledo really does seem like a fun place. Can't wait to see what you discover in Dayton!

yaya said...

Your cell phone pics are still better than my camera ones! Hope Jack can help that hip on Monday. I can't believe your journey in Toledo is over and on to new adventures in a few short weeks. See you soon!

Linz said...

Yea!! I love chess, and a giant chess board looks like SO much fun!!

Sorry about your hip! Rest it! And good luck on your upcoming race!

Michelle said...

Praying for your hip.

The Hatch Family said...

It's like Harry Potter.....I love it!