Monday, May 16, 2011

O, Cananda!

We spent a day in Canada checking out their side of Niagara Falls while we were visiting Laney- but I didn't actually get many good shots of the falls :)  The Canadian side is far more exciting than ours! much better taken care of as well.

Strangely enough - there are about a dozen haunted houses right on the falls main road. weird.  But we got a family picture in front of one. Zeb was not happy about it.
And here's the Hawes family on the world's tallest man's chair.

We did a lot of walking and ended up completely sunburned.  But- it was a lot of fun.  Here's Ike with his 'happy' face.  You can just tell he's having fun.
 Zeb loved the falls thanks to the fact that Leo, Quincy, June, and Annie have taken a trip over them in their rocketship.  He was excited to see them in real life.
 These rugrats played in this puddle for ever.  And EVERY asian tourist (there were quite a few) stopped to giggle and take pictures.  These kids are all over Asian family vacation pictures.

 Then Henry fell and got soaked and demanded to take off his wet clothes. He ran around like a little orphan while we sat and ate lunch.  Speaking of lunch- we really need a Wegman's here. I mean Meijer no grocery offense- but Wegman's is amazing.  Our entire lunch came from there and was DIVINE.
Ike loved smelling all of the flowers.  He thinks that smelling them is blowing on them. Weirdo.

I can't believe how lucky we've been to have these boy cousins all so close in age and that we are all on this side of the country. It is so much fun!

And I can't neglect the little Milly goat.  I think she's looking more and more like Laney.

 After seeing the falls we walked around the city for a bit longer and explored. They've got some beautiful gardens- and a Giant Hershey's store.

 These two could be brothers.
 Under the giant Hershey's Kiss!
 The moment we got into the car all of the kids crashed.  We made it through the border without any problems and returned to Buffalo for some rest!
Thanks for the great trip, Laney and Taylor!


Laney said...

I just changed my profile picture to the one of Me and Milly Goat. Love it.

Michelle said...

What a neat trip.

That picture of Laney and Milly is just the most precious thing EVER!

I love love how Ike "smells" the flowers! :) That is so cute and sweet.

I also love Kent's face as he watches the boys splash in the puddle. Such a good daddy!

Kristen said...

Every single one of those photos was amazing!! I'm liking these larger than life pics on your blog it makes me feel like I'm there! Only one complaint, you guys looks like you have a blast every single day of the week. Quit! You're making the rest of us feel like we lead very boring lives :)

Annie O said...

LOVE the photo of Hawes girls. I'm posting it on FB. All the pix are great. You are really good. And I love all the shots of the kids---keep it up. Love you.

dockters said...

You guys are having way too much fun! I want 4th year med school back! I'm glad you're living it up and enjoying every second! We're excited to see you in June! What are your plans while you're here?