Tuesday, May 31, 2011

keeping busy!

 Sunday before church we decided to go check out the rising waters of the Maumee river.  We drive over the river every day on the way to the Y- but we hadn't taken a close look yet.  It was fun to see- but the rugrats couldn't resist the mud and sticks and we ended up with some dirty shirts and shoes for church.
 Here's one of the spots where we can usually run and play- totally flooded.
 Memorial day we made a last minute trip to Ashland to see if Dr. Starkey could work some magic on my hip :)  It feels great and I even did an hour run today with no problems :)  So now instead of praying for my hip - I need prayers that the weather won't be so INSANELY HOT. Seriously.  It will affect me more than my hip on race day! the weather yesterday and today has been just ridiculous. Dishwasher hot and humid. 94 degrees with 90% humidity.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  so- really- June 11 in Carmel Indiana I need some non insanely hot and humid weather!!

We went to a memorial day parade in Ashland and had a blast. 
 Every small town parade needs a crazy or two. This guys is the old mountain man who sits on street corners and yells about Jesus. He got his own spot in the parade.
 And here are the kiddos with their hands on their hearts as the flag passes. So cute.
 After the parade and my hip work- we went back to the Starkey's place for a little water fun and barbecue.  I'm so glad we'll still be pretty close to these guys!  Check out the excitement on Ike's face. Pure happiness.
 Check out how beautiful their backyard is!!
 Here's ya-ya sneaking around the house to get these rugrats wet.  So fun.  And the barbecue did not disappoint.  Ya'ya's dirty dessert was amazing!
Thanks for everything, Starkeys!  Can't wait to come back!!!


Michelle said...

Holy Backyard!!! That is so nice!

The "dishwasher hot" description made me so claustrophobic! EW. I'll be praying for cool weather for ya. I'm so happy your hip seems to be functioning without pain. What miracles were worked? What kind of doctor is Dr. Starkey? :) haha. Maybe we'll have to skype sometime soon so I can get all the details, apparantly. LOL.

Love those cute boys.

Happy Birthday to the Zebber man!!

Kim T. said...

Again, your kids are adorable. I love the first picture with the flag! Great shot!

Laney said...

those starkeys are wonderful. And it looks like Zeb and Ike are holding a giant snake. And is that Henry's shirt that Ike is wearing?

M- your favorite said...

I love Zeb's bum crack, on the last picture! They are so cute!

Kent and Leisy said...

yes- it's henry's shirt :) and michelle- dr. starkey is a chiropractor! he did wonders!!!

yaya said...

Cute Pics...(not mine, but that's OK!) I may steal some for my blog since I forgot the camera..we loved having you and I'm glad the hip is better. Good luck on the run! I hope it's going to get cooler soon!

Delaps said...

So secretly I am glad that everyone else is starting to move so we won't be missing out on all the fun! Good luck with all of the changes. Ellie misses all of her friends desperately.