Sunday, May 8, 2011

 Mother's day weekend began PERFECTLY.  Kent took the boys camping for the night while I sat home and did nothing. Literally. Okay- so I sat on the couch eating ben and jerrys and watching tv. It was amazing.  While I would have preferred a night alone with kent- a night with kent taking the kids away came in at a close second. And the boys were ecstatic!

 Strangely enough- kent and I bought these two little kiddie lanterns on clearance at walmart before we even had any rugrats at all.  This was the first night they were put into use and they were a HUGE hit.  We must have somehow known that there was a father and son's campout with two little boys somewhere in our future.

Honestly- it was such a relaxing evening! and then I woke up to go on a long run- and got home just as kent was finishing bathing the stinky campfire boys!  I'll have to let him put up some of their camping pictures.

Today continued our Mother's day perfection.  Breakfast of blueberry filled crepes and homemade cards in the morning- and then this feast for dinner. Kent made- from scratch- Chicken Cordon Bleu with white wine sauce. It was really amazing.
 Zeb and Ike both cooperated very peacefully to get haircuts for me. I told them that's all that I wanted for mother's day from them.  Then I asked Zeb if I could take a picture of his haircut and he got really mad.  He's kind of in a funny phase right now.  And by funny I mean grumpy.  We're working on not growling at people or snapping when he gets frustrated. He definitely has my temper!  I love that this picture is so real.  Honestly I see this face about ten times a day. 
To end our day- we got to do a giant group family skype to wish my mum a happy mother's day.   She is the most fabulous mother and I hope that my happiness and successes are a reflection of her good mothering :)


yaya said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Sounds like it was fun and delish...I'm glad everything was so good. Your boys crack me up..I love that they went camping. I used to live for those days of the Father/Son campouts.!

Michelle said...

Holy GOURMET!! That chicken cordon bleu looks phenomenal!! I FOR SURE need the recipe pronto. Amazing, Kent!

Happy Mother's Day, Leisy!

Cynthia said...

Spencer had so much fun with Ike and Zeb at the campout.
And you were right...Kent clearly can cook. Chicken Cordon Bleu from scratch, wow! (I am assuming it tastes as good as it looks).

M- your favorite said...

Happy Mothers day. I am so glad that you got to enjoy a night to yourself. That is sometimes the ticket.

Delaps said...

What a nice mothers day weekend! I want one of those!!!