Saturday, May 28, 2011

thumbs up for soccer!!!!

this kid is so stinking cute sometimes!  his 'thumbs up' is one of my favorite things he does!!

and thumbs up for soccer?! even better!  Somehow this kid became the real deal. David Beckham overnight. He is honestly the star of the team now!  The last two games have been amazing. He's throwing elbows, stealing the ball, taking it down the entire field, and SCORING like crazy!  We told him we'd already paid for the season plus he'd made a commitment to the team and that he just needed to suck it up. Now look at the kid.  Maybe there is some athletic blood in there somewhere!

Today was his last game of the season- and here's their last team huddle.
Can't wait for fall soccer :)


Michelle said...

What a STUD!!! Way-ta-go, Zebbers!

Delaps said...

I love the picture of everyone at the restaurant. It is hard to know life goes on without you. Goodluck with your move and everything.