Friday, May 6, 2011

we love michigan

even though we're only moving a couple of hours away- I'm feeling this mad rush to get everything done we possibly can that has anything to do with the toledo area.

Yesterday we spent the day up in michigan.  Michigan is beautiful.

First stop. The Henry Ford Museum.  Totally amazing.  especially since kent got in for FREE on his military ID.  This whole air force thing really has its benefits  :)

Giant tractors for the kids to climb!

and steering wheels to hang on!
plus- the wienermobile! we couldn't get in this one- which was pretty disappointing...
until we saw that we could make ourselves into hot dogs.  Zeb loved throwing the condiments on me.
Here's some crazy old car we 'drove'.
and Kent cranking enough energy to light up these bulbs.  He's the only one we saw who got to the top :)
Zeb was so cute on this little flight simulator.  He kept ducking every time the screen flew through trees!
Nothing cooler than a flying giant plane to a few little rugrats.
and our family picture in front of THE rosa parks bus.  This picture is for you, Marissa!
Zeb did NOT want to be a part of this photo.
When we told Zeb the story of Rosa Parks- he asked if gray or red people were allowed to sit on buses. 
Our last stop was to see the giant trains.  I have NO idea how they could have possibly gotten these trains into this building. They were HUMONGOUS.
 We also got to enjoy spring for the first time since LAST SPRING!  the day was beautiful.
After our visit to Henry Ford- we drove over to IKEA.  I really love that place.  Ike loves the ketchup.

Zeb loves the cookies.

And- finally- our last stop to Cari Cucksey's 'Re-Purpose' shop.  She has a show on HGTV called 'Cash and Cari' that I love to watch!  Her shop ended up being a little too hoity-toity.  The show is so down to earth so I was slightly disappointed- but glad we stopped by!

the day was wonderful!  I'm going to be terribly sad when Michigan isn't just a stone's throw away!!


Outlandish McCandlish said...

Wow! I live in the great state of Michigan, I need to get to sight seeing. This summer for sure.

Laney said...

I want to get in that hot dog.

Cassidy said...

Glad you loved The HF museum. If you enjoy history and the feeling of the good ol days, then you and Kent should meander Greenfield village someday for a date or weekend away. Between the museum and the village, it's our favorite place to spend the day...besides the beach. :)

Kristen said...

WoW that museum is MADE for little boys!! Very cool.

Michelle said...

What an amazingly cool place!! That looks like so much fun ... and so interesting too.

Marissa will be so excited to see you guys right by that actual bus!!

HowellAZ said...

Looks like a great visit - Ben could've spent hours in that museum with a flight simulator. ;)
I like the picture of you guys driving on the road to happiness...just perfect. Hope you have a great Mother's Day!