Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here is Zeb (who has the computer and mouse totally figured out already) showing Ike his favorite letters on  Both of these kids love their letters and each other.  Ike idolizes Zeb more and more each day.  He follows him around and begs to play with him.  He grabs onto the backs of Zeb's shirts and then gets dragged down the hallway as Zeb tries to escape. His very favorite thing to do right now is give big family hugs to each of us.  He'll run from Zeb to Kent to me tilting his head on our shoulders while hugging and saying "ahhhh".  We have it on video- I just need to upload it onto the blog!
 I wish I had something more noteworthy or picture worthy to blog about- but our lives are pretty normal right now.  We are all happy but both kids are moderately sicko.  Zeb is getting breathing treatments regularly due to coughing and wheezing while Ike has the same cough but without wheezes.  It's been awhile since we've had to do breathing treatments so often and Zeb is NOT happy about it.  You'd think we were actually scraping his throat with a razor blade or something the way he's been screaming about it.  I'm sure our neighbors are going to call DCFS soon.

Here he is with Thomas and Ben.  He loves for me to take pictures of his trains and then look at them all.
Kent is about to get much busier with school starting tomorrow and I am just doing the regular Leisy stuff.  We'll try to do something more exciting this week- but no promises. Oh- and my phone is busted! Sorry to anybody that's been calling.  I can't tell when I get calls sometimes- and other times I can tell but can't hear.  T-mobile has sent another phone and it should be here this week sometime (free since it's under a year old!  hooray!!).   I know I've been missing calls like crazy but it should all be remedied shortly :)


Philip Oswald said...

Not boring for your parents. Tell Zeb that Aunt Daysa complains anytime she has to have a breathing treatment as well.

Amy and Craig said...

Hey, we'd love to have you any time. we're just trying to find a place to put all the little things that don't have a home yet. just facebook me or txt me or call me whenever you wanna come! Our guest room is always open!

Cynthia said...

Zeb is looking so much older and Ike is turning into Zeb. It is crazy how fast they grow.

oswaldcd said...

Not boring to Grandma Carol