Tuesday, November 4, 2008

AHHHH! It's kind of a big day today. I am so excited that we get CNN. I am also excited that all of the political commercials are coming to an end. It must be that we live on Ohio- but at least 75% of commercials on tv right now are political! Kent and I counted FIVE in one short commercial break during our show last night. Not to mention we woke up with Obama signs on our doors this morning!
For those of you who haven't voted yet and need some info on anything- I found the greatest website! Smart voter is the greatest site that gives you all of your ballot information- or at least resources on where to find the info. You can also just google "lucas county sample ballot" to see all of the issues on your ballot- but include your county instead of mine :) HAPPY VOTING.


brittani c. said...

Let the least annoying candidate win! Happy Voting Day.

Steve and Hailey said...

That's cute! At school the 4-6th graders voted and I thought it was ridiculous!