Tuesday, November 4, 2008

prop 8 and some lighter happier news

I'm glued to the tv and internet today and I wish that I could vote in California. I've been a little bit of a news junkie lately and I read the most disturbing article on the npr website. It had me outraged and very nervous. And did anyone see the commercial that they are actually airing in some California precincts today? It depicts LDS missionaries going into the home of a Lesbian couple to confiscate their rings and tear up their marriage license?!? It can be seen on youtube. Go vote YES for prop 8 you Californians!

In lighter news- gas went UNDER TWO DOLLARS here!! 1.99. Sorry, Laney! I know your prices in New York are still pretty steep but we are in heaven here in Toledo.


The De Souzas said...

I couldn't believe that video. I thought the Church's statement in response to it was very appropriate. I'm pretty nervous about prop 8 and lots of other issues today. The countdown is on!

Linz said...

That is a terrible video. And the article is shocking. Sigh.

Glad for the lower gas prices!! Yea!!

Rachael said...

scary times. Discouraging day in a lot of ways, but as of the moment Prop 8 just might pass!! Oh, boy... I sure hope so. Our state is bound to follow suit.

And I have to ask - do you not like cream cheese frosting? cinnamon rolls and homemade oreos BEG, PLEAD for cream cheese frosting. Or maybe I just look for an excuse to make something to go under my favorite "topping." :)

I always think of your mom and her pumpkin dinner. Derek wasn't game this year, but maybe next year. The kids'd love it! So pretty to see the pumpkin darken up, too. Better than the way our jack-o-lanterns are molding on our porch. YUCK!

Dave and Michelle Howell said...

In response to the bigoted ad, today is Mormon Appreciation day. Check it out at http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/842518567.html

Dhoffs said...

We have been fighting for Prop 8 TOOTH and NAIL out here in California--going door to door, making phone calls, placing signs, responding to news articles, etc. Even yesterday, there was an angry "no on 8" proponent at the polls accosting everyone in sight. But, as of right now, with 98% of the precincts reporting, we're up 52% to 48%. I could not be more relieved, and I think all of us out here have a renewed faith in Californians.

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