Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's nine am and I just got up- not to mention I fell asleep at nine pm. I cannot be faulted for the absence of a blog post yesterday. The day had plenty of adventure and many blog worthy events but they exhausted us all beyond measure.

I seem to get anxiety over certain types of situations regularly. The day after Thanksgiving sales KILL me. Over the past week we scoured the ads looking for the best deals and steals to come up with the perfect shopping list. Laney and Taylor needed a tv and we needed random gifts and a printer (this was decided once we saw the amazingly inexpensive ones plus we haven't had one for over a year now). We decided upon Walmart for our first move. I hadn't been able to sleep the two nights prior to Thanksgiving due to the stress caused by thinking about when we'd go stake out the line- to which of the three Walmarts we'd actually go- and then to the wondering if we'd even be getting the items we wanted. I think it's because in Utah the crazies start lining up BEFORE thanksgiving and miss the holiday altogether. After dinner Thursday I couldn't even think straight due to the anxiety. I told Kent if he went and checked out the line I'd clean up dinner. Off he went. Walmart was open but the place was DEAD. Not a soul. Laney and Taylor went back at eight to scope it out. Not even the slightest of line forming. Kent finally convinced me that he'd go back at midnight and let me know the details. It took me almost an hour to zonk- but I finally did around 11. Kent texted at 12 to say that there were no lines but he'd stick around (the walmart is open 24 hours and the lines all formed inside the store). He called at three and said it was starting to get crazy. I couldn't help myself at this point and went to join him. Overall the people were quite pleasant and only a few short spats broke out. It was a little crazy with so many people in one place and at one point police officers did threaten to arrest a lady if she wouldn't put back the bag of legos she'd prematurely grabbed. We got everything we needed without a problem and were home by 5:30. Kent went to bed and Laney and I went back out shopping while taylor watched the kiddos.

I feel TERRIBLE about the walmart employee that was trampled to death in NY. The stores really need to come up with a better system- especially for those that have lines waiting outside.

Taylor, Laney, and Hank (the chunky monkey) left around noon to make the trek back to Buffalo because Laney had to work that night. It was so nice to have them here and be able to make a big dinner! We are so lucky that we have family close by now!! Having them here made Kent more excited for number two- he loves that baby stage that I so desperately fear.

Kent and I spent the rest of the day doing minor shopping- and then getting out all of our Christmas stuff. Most still all needs to be set up- but we did get the tree put together (kent had to tape on a few of the branches). As soon as I started unwrapping ornaments Zeb picked one up- yelled "Ball!"- and chucked it across the room. It shattered all over the floor. This may be a long holiday season with the rugrat.

My two favorite purchases of the day- and two of the things I look forward to most about the Holiday season- are these beauties. Kent got them both for me and I am so happy. Something about Christmas Crunch and a 5 lb box of clementines makes me so happy to have the holidays here. I think the crunch reminds me of my dad and the clementines my mom.

Last night we had another fun adventure. We went to the tree lighting/Santa arriving event at Fallen Timbers Mall where they handed out twenty dollar giftcards to the first two hundred people! 40 dollars- and we only waited in line 25 minutes!!! Zeb had the roughest day yesterday (lack of sleep, his buddy hank leaving, etc) and so we took the bink with us to prevent the screaming banshee baby. Unfortunately it worked like a charm. Dang bink. It's going to be totally gone by january though- he better prepare himself (or maybe we had better prepare ourselves).
Zeb wasn't so sure about what to think of Santa this year. Last year he was so intrigued by the beard. Look at the difference! and look how little he was!! He is going to love Christmas this year.


Linz said...

Christmas gets so much more fun as your kids get older! Andrew, also, chucked some of our ornaments across the room, but (thank heavens) I got plastic ones this year (for that very reason!!)

And good job on the shopping! I refuse to shop on Black Friday. IMO, there is no such thing as a sale worth getting up at 3 am for. (Or staying up all night for)! Glad you had fun!

Tanner Mills said...

capn crunch is the grossest cereal i have ever put in my mouth!

Michelle said...

How come I can never find Christmas Crunch here in Utah?!? It makes me so DARN mad!

I have absolutely NO IDEA why I continue to do the Black Friday shopping year after year after year. I DID get 8 pairs of $4.00 jammies this year. woohoo (cheered very sarcastically). haha. Mariss loves it - and I'm always glad I went after the fact.

Did you get your printer?

Zeb is a SUPER fun age for Christmas! I'm so glad we get to see him!

Michelle said...

Oh. I just re-read that you got everything you needed ... so, I guess ya'll got your printer. Are you saving it for Christmas? :)

Michelle said...

PS - taping the Christmas tree together? hahahahahahahahahahaha. That's awesome.

Amy and Craig said...

you guys are amazing! We're still loving the GPS from last year. ahhhh...the trashland is the best black friday walmart ever. We should have had you guys get us a TV too!

Breanne said...

I am so irritated, I haven't been able to find Christmas Crunch yet! I got in mid Nov. last year!! It's not Christmas without the Crunch!!