Sunday, November 23, 2008

I cannot believe that this week is already Thanksgiving.

I haven't made a complete Thanksgiving dinner since I lived in Russia (and we won't even count that as "complete"- due to the fact that many normal thanksgiving dishes were missing from our spread). I need a little help to make sure I'm not missing anything this year. Growing up we were always spoiled by the great dinner prepared by my Grandma Oswald and other Idahoan family members. When we got a little older we ate at home and mum did the great cooking. Last year we had the delicious opportunity to have a real Ohio Thanksgiving in Ashland with the Starkeys (thanks again, it was delish!). This year Laney, Taylor, and Hank are making the trek down from Buffalo (as long as the weather holds up the way it is supposed to) for the Holiday.

I've got the menu pretty much planned out- but I am missing any integral parts?! What is a "must" at your dinners?

Turkey- basic in a reynolds cooking bag.

Stuffing- if we were at home mum would make sure it was full of strange ingredients-but we're just doing stovetop this year.

Homemade gma Oswald's potato rolls! yum-o. No picture does them justice.

Mashed potatoes and gravy. My favorite part of Thanksgiving.

Cranberry sauce (from a can). There is something so satisfying about slicing yourself a piece of sauce from that perfect cylindrical shape. I love canned cranberry sauce.

Sweet potatoes (NOT candied yams). We had this last year in Ashland and it was to die for. I love the stuff.

Green Bean Casserole. One of Kent's favorites- and it's starting to grow on me.

Jello pretzel salad. My grandma makes this amazing stained glass jello- but it cannot be duplicated so we are going for the next best thing. I love the saltiness of the pretzels under the cream cheese.

Pies! Kent doesn't really like pie much and I only like the chocolate or creamy ones- and Taylor loves Key lime- so it appears we will be going a little nontraditional this year. It will still be pie, however.

And to drink we MUST have a cranberry/lemon-lime mixture. Lucky for us Sierra Mist makes a calorie free cranberry splash. The inventor of this drink is ingenious! They have made holiday drinking so easy!!!!

Last- but certainly not least- we'll be having a great relish tray with Kent's famously delicious cheese ball. I love the relish tray.

Am I missing anything?! I can't wait to eat!!!!


yaya said...

Looks like an amazing feast! Our meal will be very similiar...I need to find the Sierra Mist drink however, that looks great, and I love the jello pretzel dish but don't have a recipe...maybe I could get that from you?? Have a wonderful holiday with your sis!

Laney said...

hooray for kent's cheeseball, taylor has been asking me if it would be present. We are bringing the turkey and I learned a trick on Rachel Ray for making the turkey ultra moist, so we will be doing that too. I would really like if we put apples in the stuffing too.

taylor and laney said...

and I would like the real deal cranberry sauce. Slicing sauce is just wrong. I'm willing and able to make it.

Little Lisa said...

Leisy, you are amazing!!! You are going to be cooking and preparing all day! Thank goodness Thanksgiving is only one day a year, right? Have fun with the Laney clan!

Little Lisa

When will you be coming to Utah again? Will you be there for Christmas?

Michelle said...

Mmmmmmm. Sounds fabulous!

Cynthia and Steve said...

looks like you guys will be stuffed! I love the Sierra Mist drink, too- we already bought ours for Thanksgiving!

April said...

Looks yummy! I vote for posting the deliciously famous, famously delicious cheese ball recipe. :)

M- your favorite said...

WOW! Sounds good! Looks like you have it covered!

Bean There...Done That said...

I am with Laney on the "real" cranberry sauce, why ruin a good home cooked meal with jelly from a can????? Think about it; what would Grandma Mac do?????? Thanks for the prayers for dad, we feel each and every one of them.
Happy Thanksgiving

Annie O said...

You MUST make the dressing with cornmeal,pecans,apples, and real herbs or why even bother?

And I'm making the orange and cranberry relish again this year. Laney, it's really easy.

I'll miss you both and your little dogs too.

Don't make me cry,


Kent and Leisy said...

I hope Laney gets a piece of chicken bouillon in her stuffing again this year! :) Kent

Susanna George said...

Hey, I'm making Thanksgiving dinner this year too, and I am in need of a great sweet potatoe recipe. Could you email me your fabulous one?

And mashed potatoes and gravy are my favorite part too- yuuuuuummmmm!
I didn't notice any home-made rolls on your list, at our house those are a must.