Monday, November 3, 2008

I guess all little boys do this?!

This little rugrat sure needs a lot of sleep aids! He has been miraculously great about having his bink only at bedtime, but now he also needs a few other items. He's always been a blanket and tigger boy and just recently he's added his four, six, and eight wheeled friends to the bedtime routine. I think he learned the trick from his buddy, sam. Luckily Zeb is still the easiest kid in the world to put to bed. He loves everything about his bed and falling asleep in it (he just still sometimes struggles with staying asleep in it).


Susanna George said...

My little girl Phebe has to have a book in her crib with her. I guess she is like her mommy and likes to read herself to sleep.
Not such a bad thing I guess!

Michelle said...

So very cute!

Outlandish McCandlish said...

I hope he grows out of some of that. Galvin sleeps with a book, stuffed animals, cars and at times I have found candy wrappers in his bed. Also sometimes his gameboy, a flash light and a pcket knife. This all makes me laugh thinking about it. Enjoy the boyness.