Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ciao Nannie Annie!
Goodbye Gramps!
Adios Laney (and taylor)!

seeya hanky p.Everybody is gone! I feel like they just got here- and now they are gone. Tomorrow will be my first day all by myself with two children (eek). It was so great to have everybody here to help out and distract me! but now I'm looking forward to some long and quiet (or loud and restless) days.

Laney is sending me more pictures from the week's adventures since my hands were always full and I didn't take very many. We did a lot of resting-eating-and shopping while the fam was in town and it made me miss metta and daysa (they are very good at those three things)!! Zeb loved having the company (although he never really got over the fact that when they initially showed up I disappeared for two days. He was very wary the remainder of the time that they were here) and already misses everybody. It will be nice to get him back into his routine however. He has definitely been the most affected by this change in our family dynamic.

This little rugrat of ours is a really really really good baby. We haven't had a single long crying fit! he has the usual outburst and nights aren't exactly heaven- but at least he isn't crying. I can handle an awake baby- just not a screaming awake baby. Let's hope I don't jinx myself.


Nate and Jessica said...

I hope tomorrow is a happy day for you. It's extremely hard to go from all that help and company to nothing. Love your's like talking to you every day!

Michelle said...

I love all of those pictures. So precious. Snuggling with a sleeping baby is THE best thing ever!

M- your favorite said...

Good luck on your own. You will do great! That is so good that little Ike is not yet a screamer. That is always nice. Cute pictures! Sure do love that Zeb!

Linz said...

That first day was the scariest for me! I remember tearing up as Michael left for work. Terrifying. But it wasn't so bad. And it gets easier as you go along!

Cute cute cute pictures!