Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my little zeb is back!!

My Z man has returned. Sure- he can still be a little nasty (he gets that from his dad) and he's definitely still got attitude (he must get that from his aunties metta, daysa, and laney)- but the past few days he has been so much fun and so darn good. He's taking his 3+ hour naps, going to bed happily, sleeping well, and just being zeb. The past two or three weeks he's been possessed or something! I finally feel like he's returning to normal.

Today we had playgroup at Babies'r'us. They did a "wiggles and giggles" activity and were overrun by Mormons! We were at least 80% of the attendees. It was a lot of fun and zeb loved playing with the toys. Ike just slept. He still hasn't pooed and I think it's starting to make him uncomfortable. I called the nurse who told us to give him an ounce of juice. That always did the trick with Zeb- but with ike it hasn't seemed to do it's job (and I thought nursing was supposed to NOT make kids constipated!). We're going to have a poo party when it finally happens.


Emily Shaw said...

I had the same problem with Evie - juice didn't work and the doctor said that kids don't have to poop for a week before they get more concerned. The easy way to fix it...and it's quiet uncomfortable to do but a huge relief since it helped Evie not fuss as to use vaseline and a Q-Tip just to get it started. (like I said - uncomfortable but the side effects are much nicer than fussiness). Make sure you're in the bathroom or on a towel with a diaper underneath though...that'll make any necessary cleanup that much easier.

Good luck - hopefully you won't need to help get things started!

Amy and Craig said...

maybe zeb could send a message to Taylor so we could get him back to normal! He's been such a little hellian for the past couple weeks! You better get ready for ALOT of poo!

M- your favorite said...

I am so glad that Zeb is back! That is so nice! Hope Ike poo's, I feel bad for him.

Katy said...

Glad that play date was fun for Zeb!
We had to do a baby enima for Domenic (he didn't poop for 2 weeks). It was a god-send though. Good luck with that!

Michelle said...

Yeah. Good luck with Ikey-poo! :)

Love Zeb's cute pictures. He's a doll.