Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy father's day, kent! and a gazillion pictures!

The real reason we went to Buffalo was so that Laney and Taylor could watch our rugrats and we could get AWAY from them :) So as a combined father's day/board completion gift- I planned our mini- vacation. We went to Letchworth State Park and stayed at a bed and breakfast right outside the park. It was heavenly.

The keeper of the B&B was a retired air force hospital administrator- so he had lots to tell us about different air force bases and the hospitals!
Letchworth park was absolutely AMAZING. It's also known as the "grand canyon of the east" and while not quite that spectacular- I did love all of the green. New York is even greener than Ohio!
Every picture taken with the two of us in it was taken with the self-timer- so my apologies ahead of time for any crooked/blurriness, etc. I made Kent CRAZY trying to find places to set our camera to take pictures. Some are from rocks, other from cliffs, and lots from our own extended arms.

I had to run like crazy to get back in time for this one!
We could NOT get a shot of our heads and the waterfall- except of course this one with my tongue out.
The park has a lot of Native American heritage as well- and has some log cabins and a statue of Mary Jemison- a white woman who was adopted into the Seneca tribe after her capture.
We ate dinner at a crazy little diner called "arnie and eddie's" where we had a lengthy conversation with Eddie. He grew up an Air force brat and also had plenty to tell Kent. He even showed us family pictures. We were the only two customers in the restaurant all night.
We spent the next day hiking through Letchworth. The trails are not well marked so we got lost a number of times but ended up with some spectacular views. Every time we came upon a "trail ends here" sign- we went just a little further and got the best views of the day!

All in all our childless vacation was wonderful. The weather was beyond perfect- there were hardly any other visitors at the park- and breakfast at the B&B was to die for! We'd highly recommend Letchworth state park to anyone.


Cynthia said...

Those are some great views! You are such a rule breaker though, you make me giggle.
I can't believe I get to see you again next week!

Becca said...

We've been there too. That was our first little outing when we moved to NY and loved it!

Pat and Brent said...

What an awesome trip - very well deserved! Glad Laney is close enough to take your kids. It was always fun for Pam and I to trade kids - the cousins had so much fun together. What a beautiful area.

dockters said...

That place looks gorgeous!! So fun to be just the two of you!