Friday, June 12, 2009

This little monkey had his four month check-up today. He weighs in at a semi-chunky 15 pounds even. I think the majority of his chunk rests right around his DOUBLE CHIN. He was a champ for his immunizations- but he was so sad later today. Since he rarely cries- his sad little painful cries today made me feel extra bad. His poor little chunky thighs were all red and tender. Poor kid. Luckily he's sleeping like a log now- and hopefully it lasts all night.

Since the pediatrician's office is right on campus we decided to go and visit Kent afterwards and give him a little study break. Zeb thoroughly enjoyed watching the tractors with him.

Just a few more days and Kent will no longer be at school ALL STINKING DAY EVERY DAY! I can't wait for the break and I know that Kent is so ready to get this crazy test over with.


Kari Ann said...

I need your help! You and Laney are so good at keeping in touch with people and have so many friends. I need to spread this site around fast about our reunion.
I hope you are coming.

Ben & Chantal Howell said...

LOVE the double chin! I'm so glad the two of us have that in common! :)
Looks like you guys are keeping busy. I really liked your blurb book - I made a couple of small ones (paper back) for my parents for Christmas and was pretty happy with how they turned out. It really seems like a great way to keep up with pictures/events. Yours looks great!

Michelle said...

LOOOOOOOVE Ikey's double chin. So dang cute!

Good luck these last few days before the test you guys. You are in our prayers!