Monday, June 29, 2009

our saturday adventure

Saturday was the annual "maumee bay" ward activity! I love that we have a "beach" so close. Every time we go I tell myself that we need to go more frequently. Although high in bacteria, the water is pretty warm and nice and shallow for the kidlets. Unfortunately we noticed that zeb was using his shovel to drink the water a little to late to prevent him gulping down quite a few swallows. Needless to say he has a little diarrhea currently. He's on gatorade and should recover shortly.
We attempted a family picture (although somehow every family picture we take is always missing at least one child) and didn't ever get a usable shot. Here are the two best. Ike looks pretty cute in both. Apparently the sun was just too bright for Kent to get his eyes open :)

I'm off to girls camp tomorrow morning bright and early! I'm super excited- although having second thoughts about leaving Kent! I hate that on some of the few days he has off I decided to bail on him! I hope I don't get too homesick for him.


Lyndsay said...

I love Ike in these pics.
Too bad about the idiots behind you guys. . .

M- your favorite said...

you are so funny Kent. i swear we have a lot of pictures with Kents eye's closed. How can we forget the pictures of us at Lion King. They are FUNNY!

Good luck Leisy and Kent this coming week.

the Kprows! said...

haha. I had to laugh when you said Zeb was "on" gatorade to recoup from the bacteria water. When I lived at your house when I first moved to Utah any time I was sick Uncle Phil would tell me to down a few bottles of Gatorade and I would be better in no time! Just glad to see the Oswaldo gatorade regimen lives on! :)