Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My rugrats both hit the sack at 6:45 tonight. It was HEAVEN- and meant that Kent and I could just have a pleasant non whiny night! which we NEEDED considering Kent takes the beast tomorrow!!! I can't wait for Kent to finish that test and just be able to let his brain REST.

Here's my perfect baby just sleeping away. It's still so weird to me that there are two children living in this house. Sometimes I look at Ike and I'm not sure where he came from! I think because he's the second kiddo, all the memories I have with him up to this point are so similar to those I have with zeb- that they just melt together. With Zeb, everything was new and vivid. With #2 everything just seems so normal so i don't notice as much. Sometimes I even forget he's around! poor neglected baby, huh? I'm trying my hardest to make sure and get pictures of him every day.


dockters said...

I'm so glad that as of tonight Step 1 will be OVER for you guys! Kent will do great!

And cute, cute Ike!

Linz said...

Good luck to Kent!!!

Also - I totally know what you mean about #2... poor Andrew gets Auri's hand me down (not cloths, though...) although, he does have to use her old princess bike helmet... but to be fair, we drew a goatee on Cinderella, so that should be good enough, right?

Michelle said...

Do great, Kent!!

M- your favorite said...

Good luck Kent! You will do AWESOME!

Ike is so cute! He is getting so big. What a sweetie!

Steve and Hailey said...

I love those jammies! Oh and I really look forward to nights without two whiny children...sometimes it's 9pm or later before the two kiddos are quiet.

Renae said...

What a sweeeeeeet baby. Ike is so smiley and just loves life. He probably loves watching Zeb too.

I'm sure Kent did well. Have an awesome trip.