Sunday, June 28, 2009

I wish that Kent was ALWAYS home.

Zeb has been in Kent heaven the past few days. We've had so much fun since we've been home from ny! Our festivities will have to be broken up in a few posts because I can't get it all in tonight. I'll try to finish up tomorrow because I leave for girls camp on TUESDAY!! I am so excited to go- and the three boys are equally as excited to have their time without me I'm sure.

Friday night we decided to go to a mudhens game with some friends. Fifth/third stadium is definitely the highlight of downtown toledo! Tickets are cheap- and the stadium is really nice. Plus they have fireworks after all of their weekend games. The whole family enjoyed being there. The weather was PERFECT (breezy, warm, and NOT humid) and Zeb never even got bored (mostly thanks to a great playmate!). The fact that we never got bored and had no tears is AMAZING considering the game started at seven and went for FIFTEEN innings.

The picture of Ike is during inning 12- right before we decided to bail. We really wanted to see the fireworks but with the twelfth inning ending in no change of score and the clock striking 10:30- we decided we weren't going to make it. Both kids were all smiles and giggles- but I could sense a meltdown nearing.

Here's the Z man in his current favorite shirt. We got it at a yard sale for a quarter. He spilled on it last week and just kept wailing "oh no, cookie monster, oh no!".
Zeb and Ellie LOVED watching and cheering together. They really got into the clapping "charge" cheers.
The game ended up three minutes short of the field record for longest game ever! and the mudhens lost. I'm not sure if they still did the fireworks- but we ended up getting home at eleven and the game didn't end until midnight.
We'll definitely be going to another game but hopefully we can get a normal nine innings and see some fireworks afterwards.

On thursday of last week we had a CRAZY rainstorm. Zeb and Kent had so much fun puddle jumping and running around in it. Just look at the smile on Zeb's face. I couldn't believe how hard it was raining. last year at this time our pool flooded and our toilets filled with maggots after torrential downpours. Thankfully nothing of that sort happened this year.


Michelle said...

So cute. That last picture of Kent and Zebby in the rain is just precious. I love it.

Girls camp?!?!?! Can't wait to hear all about it.

J S said...

How CUTE!! I love the cookie monster shirt! My mom and I just got back from Montana, but while I was up there Thomas the train came through Billings and I thought of Zeb.

Kenna said...

I have often wished, too, that Marc could ALWAYS be home. Why couldn't have have some huge trust fund and only work because he wanted to? But then we probably wouldn't appreciate it so much right? Glad you are having fun.