Thursday, June 25, 2009

the real reason we love buffalo.

After the last six weeks of our lives- we just needed a nice break. Kent put in six straight weeks of 10-12 hour study days and I put in those same long days without him. He had it much worse- but I sure did miss him. It was so nice to be able to just get away from Toledo for awhile. We are soooooo lucky to have family out here on the East coast- and even luckier that it's Laney and she only lives 4 and a 1/2 hours away. It does make it harder that everybody else is so far away though. We can't wait to see everybody in August!

The best part of buffalo is just going somewhere and being able to relax. Zeb LOVED seeing Laney, Taylor, and Henry. He would not stop talking about them the days leading up to the trip- and hasn't stopped talking about them since we got home!

Day 2 and pieces of other days.
Ike slept, ate, and cooed the entire time.and zeb had a blast bathing, playing, and screaming with hank.

I asked Zeb to give me his happy face- and this is what I got?!
We spent a lot of time eating- playing-laughing- and just relaxing! Laney and I went running a few times and hit up the local yard sales on our runs. I'm so glad that she shares my love of bargain hunting. I found these cute little Sunday shoes for zeb for so so cheap. I've been searching the toledo sales for church shoes all summer and hadn't been successful. Hooray for buffalo. The picture of Zeb is goofy- but he loved his new shoes and demanded to wear them the very morning I brought them home.


Kimberly said...

I love that bath tub pic with the letters all over them! How cute! Glad you had a nice break!

boysmum2 said...

Sometimes, with little kids, this is as good as it gets, but it is all you need.
Just a change of scenery for a couple of days works wonders.

Nate and Jessica said...

That is so perfect to have her just far enough away that it's like a little vacation. I need to come visit both of you!

Michelle said...

That family picture of Laney, Taylor, and Hank is adorable!!

I too am loving the bath pic ... so cute and funny.

I miss lil' Zebby and can't wait to meet Ike!! Such darling kiddos!

Looks like a great get-away!