Saturday, June 27, 2009

sooooo much to blog with waaaaay too many pictures.

I'm not a fan of blog slideshows because they don't work in my blog books- so you'll all have to bear with me when it comes to my pictures. These are the last of our ny trip!

One evening we went out to a little lake to swim, boat, and have a hot dog roast. Zeb LOVED the water. We didn't think he would get in so we just let him run over to the water- and the next thing we knew he was up to his neck into the lake! He has NO fear of water.
He was in absolute heaven on the Kayak with Kent!

He tried to just run off this little dock right off the edge. Really, he had NO fear and it made me very nervous. The lake was so much fun! the water was pretty warm- and kayaking was a blast. I'd really love to live near a lake at some point.Here we are kayaking as a family! I can't even remember where Ike was. Laney and Taylor must have been watching him :)We also spent an afternoon at the Buffalo zoo. We took Henry so Laney and Taylor could get ready for a barbecue we had in the evening.

The Buffalo zoo was nice and small! Zeb really liked the primate exhibits.
He was pretty nervous about riding the train though. Little kids are so unpredictable sometimes. We thought he'd for sure LOVE being on a train- but he was far more comfortable watching. There weren't any tears- but he was all business the entire time. Not a single smile.
We had so much fun in buffalo and were sad to leave. Our only mishap was Zeb's near case of the Swine flu. I guess it's raging in NY and a few people in the buffalo ward had it! Zeb came down with a fever, swollen lymph nodes, and slightly labored breathing our second to last day there and we thought for sure he'd caught it (only because he seems to catch EVERY strange disease he gets near- i.e. rsv, rotavirus, roseola, strange fevers, upper respiratory infections, six month coughs, etc). Luckily the symptoms completely disapperared after about 18 hours.

We didn't get a single shot of all seven of us together! we were always taking pictures for each other or taking care of someone's kids. Hopefully we'll get a group shot next time! Thanks, Laney, Taylor, and Henry!!


M- your favorite said...

Your trip looks like tons of fun. Zeb is so stinking cute! He is just like Kristy's kids fearless. Crazy kids!

yaya said...

All your pics are so cute! Glad you had fun...your prize will be on it's way soon...maybe next week? Good guessing!

Jenny and Jake said...

So may cool adventures! It is always so fun to read the updates on your blog, I love all your pictures!

Cynthia said...

hey- i just noticed the free chick fil-a day on July 10th. I am so in! We got to come up with costumes so we can get free combo meals for everyone in each of our families!

Michelle said...

VERY good post. I love all the pictures!! What an adventurous family you guys are. I miss you!!!