Saturday, June 20, 2009

he eats (not just drinks)

Laney had some rice cereal leftover from henry shmenry- so we decided to see how Ike would do. He swallowed at least one bite- so we will call the feeding sucessful.

This was his face after each cheek squeeze and subsequent force feed. I don't know why he look so traumatized. Perhaps it's because the food looks (and smells) like wet cement and we had to squeeze pretty hard to get him to take it in.


Nate and Jessica said...

Yeah, he's not lookin like he likes that too much.

Amy and Craig said...

sophie's just getting the hang of swallowing it! I'm crossing my fingers for a good eater. Getting Taylor to eat was like trying to get a fish to tap dance. Hey have you looked on, you'd love. a freeby lovers' paradise!

Michelle said...

That FACE!!! hahahaha. He is so SO cute. It's like he's sayin', "You have GOT to be kidding me with this stuff." :) I just love it.

M- your favorite said...

What why are you force feeding him? He does not want it. Poor guy! Getting something sick shoved down his throat.

Steve and Hailey said...

OH gaggy! Jack vomited that stuff right up and I'll never blame him.

Today I got Jack macaroni from Smokehouse (he loves the stuff and always eats it up). He looked at my salad (black beans, corn, tomato) and he carefully asked, "does my food look good to you?" I said that it did and asked him if my food looked good too. He said, "umm..not so good.." It was so cute to see him calculating everything. Apparently the corn looked alright because it reminded him of macaroni.
Oh and I love checking out your free list! keep them coming!