Saturday, December 21, 2013

2 missed days. eek.

I didn't post for two days. eek. there goes my good habit.  I'll hopefully have zillions of pictures to post this upcoming week.
For now- a phone dump.

I don't go to Walmart very often.  I feel guilty when I'm there. Like I'm betraying Meijer.  and the American worker for that matter. But- this week I had to run in for something and Metta found these giant ponies. 
my, oh, my.
Love at first sight.
She's wearing a weird outfit because it was pajama day at the gym.
Here we are at Target.  She saw this fur coat and demanded to wear it.  the Sophia hat was also a demand.  She's such a clothes horse.
Here she is on 'holiday festive' day at the gym. She's irritated about something :)  I really like this metta.  she's so funny and so original.  
Today we went to Sam's club to get a few food items for next week.  It was NUTSO.  we also went to a few other stores. just for fun.  and it was so fun.  so crazy.  all of that hustle and bustle gets me so excited for Christmas.  too bad it was 64 degrees!  it was so wet and muggy. the streets are like rivers.  we are under flash flood warnings.
 Zeb-a-leb friday morning before school.  He was so bugged that my phone flash went off. Isn't he adorable? and so grown up??
He made this grinch at school.  Kent and I both agree that it's a little creepy.
Ike and his pals- ronan and jack.  He treats them like brothers- which isn't always a good thing. But, for the most part it's a lot of fun.

Ike is an Uno junkie.  He plays at least twenty rounds a day.  with anybody who is willing.  This was just the two of us at lunch earlier this week.
I can't wait for this week!!

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yaya said...

Your kiddos just crack me up! They are all fun personalities! I think the creepy Grinch looks like he's crying! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!