Thursday, December 12, 2013

party. party.

 these are pretty shoddy pictures- but I only took my phone to our party- so they'll have to do!

Tonight was Kent's work Christmas party- and it was great.  I think he was the only resident not to bring his kids.  I couldn't understand why I was going to waste a perfectly good night out- with free dinner- by bringing my kids along!!   It was so nice to be able to talk to adults and enjoy time with Kent.  Pure heaven, really.
Here are several of the residents and docs.
We even got to see Santa and tell him what we want for Christmas.
We've got more parties all weekend to keep things festive!  I can't wait.  Unless they cancel the parties for bad weather.  Apparently we are getting more snow :)

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Kresta Wirght said...

We have 2 parties this weekend and of course justin is on duty for the whole weekend. Actually he gets home monday afternoon. But one of the cool parts of justins job is the cool party we have on saturday morning at the naval observatory. They let you take pics!