Thursday, December 5, 2013

amazon prime saves the day!

Have I mentioned I'm STILL on pins and needles about our move this summer?!  It kills me to think that decisions are being made.  assignments are being written.  and I don't have even an inkling of an idea about WHEN we'll find out.  eek. 
I belong to a facebook group for our church congregation in Japan.  And I am always reading about what they are doing! there's a big tree lighting on base.  a Christmas Day trip to Tokyo Disney. they hiked Mt. Fuji.  There are visits to fabulous Japanese restaurants.  eek!  How fun and exciting does all of that sound?? 

There is so much to be excited for regardless of where we go!  Luckily I've been CRAZY busy and that helps distract me.  Tomorrow is our Church Christmas party- and I am in charge! as long as the weather doesn't get it canceled.  Ohioans are pretty wimpy when it comes to snow. Which is strange to me considering there's significant snow EVERY WINTER!  Ohio is a snowy state. but every time there's more than an inch or two of snow- school gets canceled and all activities SHUT down.  I told them that I don't cancel parties due to snow- so I'll be at the church at 6.
  I've been a wreck trying to track down a Santa suit.  I got confirmation from several people that the Church owned one- but it never showed up!  So two days ago I bought one on Amazon- and the free two day shipping saved the day!  It arrived this afternoon and is pretty great.  I made Kent try it out.  and then I told him to strike a sexy santa pose.  this is what I got.  I laughed pretty hard.
So- now I own a Santa suit.  I'm sure I'll use it enough times to make it worth it's cost (which wasn't too bad)!  It's a pretty good one, don't you think?  


Julie Sacks said...

I am a HUGE fan of Amazon prime. I ordered something for Justin on Saturday and it was on my door on Monday morning, crazy fast! I love them.
And I could not agree with you more. I was always shocked about how many times schools got canceled or started late in Ohio... and then we got here and it's even worse. They canceled our party because of some ice today. But I do have to admit, no one knows how to drive in it here so the whole town of Dallas has shut down. It feels like Toledo today, cold and icy!

Jill Pierce said...

Too bad the party was cancelled. Bummer.