Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I love all things december.

Lately I've heard/read/seen a lot of complaints about December and Christmas and the stress and commercialization and chaos and the terribleness of cold and ice and snow and gloom.  Can I just say it again- 'BUCK UP!'.    I love all thing December.  really I do. If things are too crazy for you- stop doing them!

This week we had a cookie and ornament exchange.  Who doesn't want a big plate of fabulous (and not so fabulous) goodies??  I loved the thin mint rice krispy treats!!  
and check out the ornament I got.   nice cat, huh??
I get so happy when I walk outside and take in a deep breath of cold cold fresh air.  And if there's a little cigarette smoke mixed with the cold cold air (we have chain smoking neighbors 2 doors down)- I actually get teary eyed.  It reminds me so much of Russia- it warms my heart.  I am dead serious.

This is this morning headed to the bus stop with Zeb.  It felt like 3 degrees.  Literally.

 the kids LOVE to sled.  Ike told me he wishes the snow would NEVER melt.  And that it would be freezing cold every day.  He is so my kid.
This week we've gone sledding every day!  with friends.
 And this has nothing to do with December- but check out her hair!!  It still has GOT to be in pigtails- because the top is so much shorter- but we are getting there!

and finally.  Let me include tithing settlement (we pay 10% of our income to our church each year- and in December- we meet with the Bishop to look over everything).  Because this year was funny.

The Bishop asked our kids a few questions about the principle of tithing and it's importance. He asked Zeb- "what do you know about paying tithing?" to which Zeb answered: "I know God likes checks more than cash." And then said nothing else.  Where did he even come up with that answer?!  my kids kill me.


yaya said...

Cash more than checks..hahaha! Now that's a good one for the clerk! (That's Jack's calling now and I'm going to ask him if checks are preferred!) We're enjoying this month too. We're heading to Chicago and this year we're having an ugly sweater family Christmas...should be a blast! Keep on enjoying your Christmas!

Jill Pierce said...

I love the thin mints AND the peppermint rice krispie treats! Here is my recipe:

Annie Oswald said...

And does Zeb prefer cash or checks or gift cards? Can't wait to see you guys in just a few weeks. Hope you have lots of FUN things planned.

Nannie Annie