Wednesday, December 4, 2013

baby sister.

My baby sister, Daysa, left the States a few weeks ago to head to Brazil to be a missionary.  She was in a missionary training center down there learning Portuguese- and left to go to Curitiba (the area where she'll spend her 18 months) a couple of weeks after she got to Brazil.  For whatever reason- we didn't hear for her for a two week period and I've been dying to know what she's been up to!  We just got an e-mail this week and things already sound more than adventurous!  Unfortunately- she doesn't crave adventure like I do.

She has some pretty crazy allergies and asthma- but has always been able to keep them under control.  She had a major allergic reaction her first week in the training center here in the US and had to get TWO epi pens in a row.

Turns out she's had the same bad luck in Brazil.  She ate dinner at the Mission President's home (they are in charge of the missionaries in her city) and was reassured THREE times that there were no nuts in the meal. But after eating- she was feeling terrible.  Her inhalers weren't helping- and she had to go to a brazilian hospital!  there were obviously nuts in something she ate!  it sounded pretty crazy- and I think she's a little tired and A LOT homesick.  So- please - if you would- send prayers her way.

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