Friday, December 13, 2013

friday the 13th

Tonight was the big church party! it was cancelled last week due to weather- but happened this evening - ending just as another big storm is sweeping in.

The party was really great.  Kent sang in a quartet of pediatricians (I think it's a requirement that all pediatricians sing!) and played the piano for another song (he has way too many talents), we had neighbors come with us and enjoy the evening, and there was great food.
Plus- Metta got to see Santa.  This girl is OBSESSED.  Santa visited the gym this week and the workers told me about metta's fascination with him- but I didn't really think anything of it. But she really really loves him. I was shocked. Tonight we had to remove her kicking and screaming from his lap. As SOON as she saw him appear at the party- she ran straight to him and followed him around.  It was a little creepy, actually.  She could not get enough of the jolly guy.
Luckily it's our costume and Kent can put it on whenever we want :)

Miss Metta has been pretty funny this week.

 She has a friend named Cora who has a coat that she wouldn't take off for an entire week.   Cora finally has taken it off- but I think Metta is trying to beat her record with her own coat.

She especially loves the fur hood.  I put in on her yesterday morning and she literally would NOT take it off all day long.  She ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner in it.  Wore it the entire day.  wore it at the gym. napped in it.  watched tv in it. did EVERYthing in it.

until her friend, adalyn, showed up.  and then metta ripped of her coat and demanded to wear adalyn's.

little turkey.

and finally- my friday the 13th bad luck.  I totally twisted my ankle today at the gym.  At first I thought I broke it.  It hurt SO DANG BAD. I just stepped on it wrong walking out of the gym stepping off the curb. and I was carrying Metta.  The twist hurt so bad I fell instantly to the ground.  And then just sat there. I couldn't get up for about a minute.  I just waited until the pain subsided.  Luckily I had a friend who watched it all happen and could laugh with (at) me.

And then this evening at the church party- the piano ran over the same foot and gouged my leg.  that's what the upper cut is from.  It hurt almost as bad.   I think after a full night of running around on it at the party- it got a lot more swollen and nasty.

I realize this picture is hideous- but check out my lateral malleolus. it is pretty darn swollen and really tender at the very center.  But Kent checked it out with the 'ottawa ankle rules'.  I can walk on it with full pressure- so hopefully I'm fine.  I sprain this ankle a lot.   I'm sure I'll be good to run by morning :)


Anonymous said...

WOW! That does indeed look painful! Also LOVE the pic of Metta on Santa's lap. Her expression is priceless.

Anonymous said...

BTW..that is me showing up as anonymous...stupid Google....Pam :)

Mommo said...

Metta in her coat is hilarious! I totally laughed out loud. I am sorry about your ankle. It looks awful. I would not have ever known. You were running around at the party like nothing ever happened.
Again, thanks for all you did to make the party great. It was a huge success.

Sherrie Fennell said...

Poor ankle and super cute coat

Amber and Travis said...

I commented this morning, but it didn't show up! I love Miss Metta! She is such a little miniature version of you! She knows what she wants and won't let anyone get in her way!

The picture of her and Adelyn makes me laugh! They are both so content sitting there eating! What a little chunky monkey I have!

Julie Sacks said...

I was looking at these pics and Carter walked up and said, "the baby funny!" and started laughing. He evidently likes Metta in the coat :)