Tuesday, December 3, 2013

zeb the great.

today's blog is all about Zeb.   He's such a mini person.  and so full of emotions.  and this post may be funnier than metta's.

While perusing the holiday aisles at Target- Zeb stumbled upon this shelf.  full of elves.  YIKES.
He was LIVID. and then terribly sad.
He really did shout these very words at me:
"Why did you tell me that our elf came from the North Pole when really you got her on a shelf at TARGET??!!??"
and then he showed Ike.  Just look at their faces.  Oh, man.  What was I supposed to say???   I stumbled over my words a bit and then PROMISED him that I did NOT get our elf at target!  Some people have to buy their elves at Target I told him- but NOT us (I got ours online through Barnes and Noble).  We are special- because we believe in Christmas magic.
I think it worked.  But this kid is so logical.  I'm sure he's already figured out the elf and santa thing- but he's holding on because he loves the magic of it all.
Here's another Zeb story. Even better than the first.
He came home from school today and I went through his folder of schoolwork like usual.  I found one of his assignments and had quite the laugh. It was a writing assignment about making personal connections to stories he read in class.  This one is about the 'Little Red Hen'.  You know- where the Hen needs help making bread- but nobody wants to help do all the hard work.
Read his 'personal connection'.  

Here's the translation if you need it:
'One time I was looking for my shoes. It was hard.
wile my mom was too bisy tiping on fasbook.'

This kid has a tough life, huh?  I love his answer!  it must be pretty hard to be a six year old in this house.

His teacher thought it was so funny that she took it and showed it to one of my best friends who also works at the school! So now everybody knows how I neglect my children for facebook :)  Luckily I'm pretty confident in my parenting abilities and find it pretty stinking funny myself!

Zeb is so wonderful.  I really do love him the most.  He'll always be my first and favorite.  This week he told me I could hold him on my lap and hug him until he turns 8. and then it has to stop.


Amber and Travis said...

I love that little Zeb of yours too! He seriously makes me laugh with his emotions and logical mind! You can't say that he is your favorite though! Your other kiddos are pretty great too!

boysmum2 said...

Our elf forgot to move last night, man it is amazing how quick you can come up with an excuse!! Well done

Kim T. said...

There is nothing funnier than what kids write!!! Zeb is a crack up!

Annie Oswald said...

I am sitting at a restaurant in Guadalajara eating breakfast alone and laughing out loud. Crazy American.

Nannie Annie