Monday, December 2, 2013

today we called the police.

I have a feeling metta might be my 'wild' one.  the kid who lives on the edge a little.  just to see what it's like.

  this morning I had to call the cops on her.  Really. Literally.

I dropped Ike off at preschool- and she came in with me.  She likes to see the fish.
When I brought her out- I buckled her up and started talking to a friend.  She grabbed the keys out of my hand and was playing with them.  Next thing I know- the doors are shut and the van is locked.  She was just sitting there- smiling at us- keys in hand.

I panicked a little.  not because I was worried about her- but because I had to get to work!! it was past nine and I was teaching a class at 9:30!!!!  My friend- kristi- tried showing her which button to push on her key fob.  metta just watched and giggled.  
Luckily I had my phone- and called city dispatch to send over a police officer.  They'll come break in for you IF there is a child inside the car.  I lucked out.   My 21 month old was inside the car- with my keys in her grubby little fingers :)
After a few minutes of waiting- and several prayers said inside my head-  Kristi somehow got Metta to push the right button.  And voila- the van door opened.  The police were cancelled.

AHHHHHHH.  Children are so aggravating!  good thing she's such a cutie.

She's also a bit of a miscreant.  We almost needed the police again today.
We went to Target.  you know, to just walk around.  look at Christmas decor. eat popcorn. 
And metta found two stuffed 'my little ponies' in the stocking stuffer bins. She promptly adopted them as her own and began to mother them.  By the time we were ready to go I knew it was going to be tough to put them back.  I explained to her that we were NOT taking them home and that she needed to place them back on the shelves.   As soon as I told her to put them back- she grabbed them and stuffed them under her little bum.  And then put her hands up in the air and stated: "where did they go?  all gone!".
She tried to shop lift ponies!!  for real.  

To make up for her heathen behaviors earlier in the day- she was quite the angel the remainder of the day.  Both boys had teeth cleanings (still cavity free!!) and Metta wanted so badly to get her teeth cleaned.  Our dentist is great- and counted her teeth and did a mini exam just to make her happy!  Apparently not many kids BEG to get in the chair.  She even sat with Zeb and Ike while they got their exams!

For family home evening this evening we built our nativity set- and talked about Christmas.  Metta sat and played with those little people and animals for an hour at least.  Baaaaahing.  and mooooing. and neyyyying. She also fed and put them all to bed repeatedly.  She cracks me up.

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Katja said...

What a cute little trouble maker.