Saturday, December 7, 2013

come on, you winter WIMPS!!

There is only one thing that disappoints me about Ohioans.  Oh, Ohio!  Why can't you handle the snow that you get year after year after year??  It's time to be BUCK UP!  Come ON!  you are the BUCKeyes after all!!!
The city shut down yesterday.  No school.  Our church party was canceled.  Grocery shelves were actually EMPTY.  Even the air force base CLOSED (Kent still worked).
 All the while- I carried on my day like a person who can handle 4 inches of snow.  
grrrrrrr.  I was pretty darn grumpy.
I spent the evening cleaning up 300+ chairs and 40 something tables.
But after the clean up- we took the Sister Missionaries out to dinner for Thai- and then great friends had us over for games. The evening wasn't a total bust after all.  And we survived the 'treacherous' roads.
My boys love the snow.  They shoveled the entire walk by themselves yesterday!!

And Kent took them sledding today while I took pictures for a friend. They came back freezing cold and ridiculously happy.  and they are sleeping so soundly right now.

Tonight was my YMCA work party.  I'm so lucky to work at such a fun place.  I work at two YMCAs in Dayton- and LOVE it.  I'm going to miss the YMCA so so much when we move.  It's possibly going to be the hardest thing about leaving here.  I have met some of the most AMAZING people through the YMCA.  They make me happy.

So- at the party we played some crazy games.  And usually I'm not one to get all involved in 'crazy' games.  But there were prizes involved.  Gift card prizes.  and I LOVE gift cards.  It was too tempting.

The games were ridiculous.  and I nearly died.  definitely made a fool of myself. But we won a couple of gifcards.
The event that transpired during this game may rank as the most embarrassing moment of my life.   You have to SHAKE the ping pong balls out of the tissue box.  Let's just say I broke the game. But the ping pongs ALL came out and I won a Tim Horton giftcard.  Totally worth the embarrassment.
 the kids loved the gingerbread portion of the night.  We were supposed to vote on the best house.  The kids voted on the best tasting house.

I love this cold snowy weather.  There's more to come!!  so BUCK up Ohio- I have parties to go to!!!


yaya said...

I totally agree with you! I'm not sure when this wimpyness started..but when the high school actually cancelled last nights game, I flipped! Seriously? We didn't even get as much snow as you! Today was sunny and perfect and although it's what! Life goes on and it's winter so I'm with you...Buck up Buckeyes!

Meagan Henderson said...
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Amber and Travis said...

What lens did you use to take the snow pictures? I am just so amazed by the color and clarity! I still have such a long ways to go just working with manual!

Remember how I told you about my friend that throws HUGE, amazing parties? One of her favorite games to have people play is that one with the ping pong balls in the tissue box. We may just have to try that at my next party! :)

Kent and Leisy said...

amber- the first two snow pics are my 35mm (same as the 50 technically) and the 3rd one is my iphone :)

Michelle said...

I love Metta's outfit! I am WAY impressed with the number of dice kent is balancing - woah!! Fun fun. I wish utah would be more wimpy with snow. We hAve a few self - planned snow days here and there though. :)