Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the best christmas pageant ever.

Today was Ike's Christmas program.  and it was so funny.  I had to bribe him with a dollar to get him on stage and say his part. It was pretty simple- but he does not like performing.  

 "NO! NO, ROOM!" (in the inn).

Isn't he a cute little innkeeper in the bath robe?  pretty adorable.
Innkeeper, Joseph, and two angels.
Ike and his pal, Ronan.  again- doesn't Ike look adorable in this little robe?
Metta was a little bit wild at the program.  all of the preschool toys are so tempting.  she's dressed like a crazy person because it was pajama day at the gym.  This phase where they don't sit still AT ALL can be SO challenging.   I am constantly chasing her and grabbing her and shrieking at her!!  ahhhhh!!

"Don't take any more pictures of me, mom!"

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Pat and Brent said...

So cute! Love that little buddy. Nice that only $1 will do the trick. Love that little Metta. Looks like she was in heaven there.
Love your new family photo on your home page. So good of all of you. Love the posts - keep them coming!
Yes - lots of love coming your way. :)