Monday, December 16, 2013

I love my endodontist.

 You know it can't be good when are looking forward to going to the endodontist!!  I had my appointment today and gladly forked over the inordinate amounts of money they wanted so they could give me shots in the ROOF OF MY MOUTH! and drill holes deep into my gums.

When I pulled into the office- I saw this car.  It belongs to the endodontist. I asked her.  I love it.

I am going to complain for just a moment.  I have teeth issues.  and they are terribly painful.  If you haven't dealt with nerve pain- I don't think you can understand.  These aren't toothaches.  It's torture.

Today was root canal #5.   and it was actually wonderful.  because it took away the pain!!! For the past 4ish months (they actually started a year ago- but I crowned the tooth then and the pain subsided for awhile- but returned over the past four months) I've been getting these massive face aches .  It's pain along my entire nerve. I can feel every inch of where the nerve runs around and through my head down to my tooth.  It's the worst after I workout- or eat something hot/cold- or go out into the cold weather and breathe or after I brush or floss near the problematic tooth.  It's awful.  No type of medicine can take away the pain.  That's when I finally cave for the root canal. Because sucking out the pulp and nerve is the only thing that makes it go away.

But - it's over now. finally. And I was so excited that this evening after the numbing wore off- that we went to Starbucks-  so I could enjoy a Spiced Apple Cider. so amazing. and painless.
We had another 'snow storm' this morning- but thankfully no delays or cancellations! so Ike's previously (several times) rescheduled cookie decorating day finally happened.  When I picked him up he told me that Ronan's mom asked him to not lick frosting from his knife while they were all using it still.  But that he "sneaked it lots of times while she wasn't looking".  He's funny.

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