Sunday, December 8, 2013

sunday- that fun day.

Oh, Sunday- why must you end so soon?   Today was so great.
We even got more snow.  But- don't worry- we didn't have to cancel church.  
Here are the kiddos keeping themselves entertained at church. Ike is trying to sneak a peak at Metta's electronic device.  Once our kids can effectively hold a writing utensil and keep the coloring ON the paper- electronic devices at church are outlawed.  Metta is the only one who still has privileges.

After church Kent made an Indian feast.  He never ceases to amaze me!  We invited some friends to the Church Christmas party Friday night- and since it ended up being canceled- we didn't get to hang out with them.  So- we invited them over for dinner.  They are a mixed vegan/vegetarian family and we figured Indian food would be the perfect cuisine.  The food was beyond delicious. and the company was even better!!  
Here was this evenings menu:
Coconut chickpea curry. (plus 1.5 tsp curry and halve the cumin and coriander)
Tikka Masala.  this is his perfected recipe.  it's a secret.
If you don't like Indian food- you need to invite yourselves over to our place for dinner.  Kent will make you love it.  I didn't like it until he started cooking.  Now it's one of my favorite meals.

And here's another picture of our elf.  so mischievous.
Quincy the elf is bound to make Zeb MAD tomorrow morning when he sees this!!  Every once in awhile she does something that makes him angry.  Last year it was when she toilet papered the Christmas Tree.

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