Tuesday, December 10, 2013

all I want for Christmas...

I love gifts. and I love surprises. but I'm terrible at hiding disappointment when I open gifts that I don't like.  that means Kent has a pretty tough job on his hands!  so - here are a few ideas of things that I like.  
What are you all asking for for Christmas? maybe I just need a big list so I'm surprised about what I get- but I've given Kent some options :)  and if you would- give Kent a few suggestions, please.

My hobbies are running (or exercising), eating, reading, and photography.

I lose keys CONSTANTLY. and my purse is like a black hole.  So a big BRIGHT keychain is a must.  I love these key fob colors.  and they aren't too pricey :)

I need new mid to low heels.  not high heels.  mine disappeared a few weeks ago.  where does one lose church shoes?  I only wear them on sundays- so I have no idea where they could have gone.
but I found these online.  zappos does free shipping and returns. and for online shoe purchases- that's a must.
any other great shoe places for you all?
and are these shoes cute!?  really-I am so bad with shoes.  I can't figure out my shoe style.

essie nail polish.  they sell it at target. this one is called damsel in a dress.  it's wintry.  there's also a gray one called 'mind your mittens' that I love.

Everybody loves new socks.  And I need some bright fun ones.  

Photog stuff.

I need some good actions for photoshop (I have PSE9).  I have free ones I use- but a whole load of these would be nice!
this is pretty big. and pricey But I would love some lighting for indoor pics!!  

cheap and easy for pictures.  a reflector set.


Amber and Travis said...

I have pretty much already gotten all my Christmas gifts. I didn't really have a list, but I always love getting new things! Travis is pretty good about giving me things year round!

My favorite shoe place is DSW. I have never been huge into shoes but have more of an interest recently. I won't buy a pair unless I love them though!

Outlandish McCandlish said...

I'm the same way. I actually pick out everything I want and often have to order it too but as long as I get exactly what I want and don't hurt anyone's feelings then we are all good.

Jill Pierce said...

I agree with Amber. DSW is awesome for shoes AND they give a military discount. Can't beat it!