Sunday, December 15, 2013

nacho libre metta and ANOTHER cancellation. uggh.

Church was canceled today.  I don't even think I need to write out my feelings anymore.  It's blatantly obvious how I feel about weather cancellations.   Today it was because the church parking lot hadn't been plowed or cleared so it was a large ice field.  
I get it.  I know we don't want people falling.  we don't want cars sliding into cars.  I support safety.
But I really do love church.  And abhor being stuck at home all day.  

Our day ended up not being too terrible.  we played uno. we enjoyed each other's company.  we watched Music and the Spoken Word's Christmas Special.  And had our own family church lesson. 

And we ate golden oreos with chocolate frosting.  which somehow turned metta into a middle aged latino wrestler.  nacho libre??

These pictures don't even look like her!  
I didn't do her hair so she looks a little feral,
the choco mustache is pretty creepy,
and the dora nightgown adds to the latino theme.
 here's metta.
here's nacho.  practically identical.
 She's pretty great and cleaning herself up, though.
Here's to no more cancellations!! Although I suppose it's tough when I pray for snow and love the cold but then complain so loudly about the end result of wished weather.  

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