Sunday, December 1, 2013

I don't get it!!!!

 I really should just keep my mouth shut about this- but I can't help it sometimes (okay, a lot of the time)!!

 Why do people care so much about this darn Elf of the Shelf?!!??  I can't believe the amount of vitriol spewed about this poor little North Pole creature. or about the people who choose to let it in their houses!!  It completely bewilders me.  Why do people care what Merry Christmas traditions others perform in their houses?  why do people who choose NOT to play the elf game feel the need to spell out each reason that the elf is creepy or how it makes liars out of parents or how it's manipulative to trick our children into behaving well?   And let's be honest here- tell me one parent of a toddler who hasn't somehow manipulated their child into better behavior.  Isn't that how parenting works?!!?  :)

 I DON'T GET IT!!  The elf is just a toy!!!  it isn't evil. or satan's helper.  it doesn't make parents bad.  It's a fun and silly holiday tradition for Pete's sake!!!

With that off my chest- I have to admit- we are TERRIBLE parents when it comes to our elf 'Quincy'.  We forget to make it move.  We accidentally let the kids see us touching it.  We change the elf rules constantly!!

We finally pulled it out today after church and quickly chucked it into this Christmas tin while the kids weren't looking!

I do think she's pretty cute.  especially in this new skirt I got her last year on after-Christmas clearance.
And just for good measure- here's  a pic of metta with her 'turtle hat'.  That's what she calls it anyway!  She knows Zeb and Ike wear them as undies- but doesn't seem to care!


Reilly Butler said...

My Mom came up with the horrific idea to do Cat on the Shelf at our house {inspired by my hatred for cats} just to try to scare/creep us out. We are a little different in this neck of the woods! Great Post!

Mommo said...

I don't care who does or or doesn't do it, but just like the thankful posts, I get tired of seeing a day by day blow of everybodies elf on Facebook. That is my problem though.

Jill Lau said...

I am glad you said this Leisy. There are just some people who feel their opinion is the only way and need to make sure the whole world knows that :) We were given our elf a few years ago so we didn't really have a choice. But it is fun and the kids love it. I wouldn't have done it only because I have the hardest time remembering to move our elf every night like you said.

Julie Sacks said...

Carter just touched ours and I am so glad Cohen was already at school because Cohen would of FREAKED! We love the elf! It's how Cohen and Jace stopped getting out of bed last night :)