Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 of 30!!

I did it. 30 straight days of blogging.
Day 30 should be something BIG and EXCITING.  
too bad I don't have anything like that :)

I am grateful. oh so grateful. 

in no particular order-

leftovers.  I remade several dinner items today just so I could have 'leftovers' for a few more days!  Kent says today's rolls are the best yet.   Thanks to grandma oswald for the world's BEST roll recipe. I think of my fabulous grandma each and every time that I make them.

 they have a secret ingredient.  it's mashed potatoes.  they are so good.
Kent.  for example: Thanksgiving morning.  we had SO much to do.  and I went running. I know he would have loved to go work out. or go to the turkey bowl. or sleep in.  but instead- he cooked the turkey- and the green bean salad- and let me go run.  He's one of the most selfless people I know.  That's why I picked him. :)

my kiddos.  they've been driving me crazy lately.  really crazy.  maybe I need a break.
but I do love them.  and they are some of my greatest life accomplishments thus far :)

my family. all of them.  world's BEST cousins. in-laws. parents. etc.  and sisters.  I have three wonderful sisters. who make me laugh and laugh and laugh.  this is my baby sister, daysa.  And I can get away posting this terrible picture of her because she's in Brazil.  For 18 months. and she won't ever see it.  

my friends.  because I'm an extrovert- the people I surround myself with are such an important part of my life.   and they are all great.  lots and lots of wonderful people.

and last- but certainly not least- 
the gospel of Jesus Christ.   it means everything to me.  It makes me who I am.  It shines the light of hope that creates my happiness.  

I want to share it with everyone.  so if you happen to ever wonder what I believe or want to know more - please ask (I'll talk your ear off if you want).  or check it out here.  I know all those 'Mormons' can seem a little peculiar- but it's worth your time.  I know life's purpose.  I know my Heavenly Father. and I'm so glad I can teach my children these things.  It will make your life better. I promise :)  

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Motivated Mama said...

All great things to be thankful for!