Wednesday, November 27, 2013

the prep.

I'm getting up WAY too early tomorrow to make the rolls, finish the jello pretzel dessert, prepare cheese balls and veggie trays and then try and go for a RUN!  it's supposed to be the COLDEST Thanksgiving in over a decade!  but- what is Thanksgiving without a self made turkey trot??!  I've got to burn those calories so I can eat them a few hours later!

We've got a few new recipes we're trying this year. I've got a banana cream pie.  Kent made his own brine (he took over turkey brining and prepping after last year's brining disaster. I bathed the entire kitchen in several gallons of raw meat ridden brine juice).  He's also doing the cranberry sauce from scratch.  I prefer the canned stuff- with ridge lines still.  So I'm bringing the ocean spray along.

I'll take lots of pictures of the big day tomorrow!


Amber and Travis said...

I am so sad to be missing out on the friend thanksgiving festivities! I hope everyone has a blast! Sounds like it will be delicious!

yaya said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! I still remember the couple of turkey days you spent with us and how much fun we had! I just read the previous post and laughed my head off! Our newspaper has a kids page every week and publish kids essays to questions..Zeb's would have been priceless!