Thursday, November 21, 2013

black friday is TOMORROW?!!?

One of my favorite things about the Holidays at this time of the year (oct-dec) is that everybody gets so into it!  I love all of the store decorations.  I love the music. I love the smiles. I love all of the food!!  I love smells of cinnamon and gingerbread. I get so excited about the Christmas parties (I think we have at least four in our schedule already!!) and I LOVE the shopping!! the Amazon lightning deals (I check them CONSTANTLY), black friday specials!! (I've scoured every ad), and the barrage of exciting products at every store and on every commercial!!  

I know. I know.  How dare I commercialize Christmas!!!  How could I focus so much on the 'untrue' meaning of the holidays?!?!  

For me- the holidays mean excitement and surprises and love and friends and family and fun.  And Christmas is obviously a spiritual holiday- with a very special feeling that accompanies it.

With that being said- every aforementioned aspect of the Holidays make it that much better for me !! I don't have to spend lots of money and buy every toy my children beg for.  But we can still enjoy window shopping!   We can spread the Christmas spirit at parties and by sharing delicious food!   we can even feel the Christmas spirit by doing silly traditions like 'Elf of the Shelf' and our candy advent calendars.

I just love waking up every morning- seeing the lights on the Christmas tree- and being excited! and it certainly doesn't hurt that the UPS man stops at the house far more frequently than usual :)

I got to thinking about all of this Christmas Spirit and Holiday cheer stuff because I just found out that black friday is starting TOMORROW!!! Wal-mart (yes- I know wal-mart is evil) is offering several of Toys-r-us', Best Buys- and Target's black friday sales in store TOMORROW!  I'll be there.  with my monkeys at 8 am when it begins.  JUST FOR FUN!  okay- there is ONE thing I'd really like to get.  But I'm already SO excited!!!

2 comments: said...

Totally with you on everything you said...EXCEPT THE BLACK FRIDAY CRAZINESS AND TAKING YOUR KIDS?! I try to wake up from those types of nightmares. And all hail Polynesian sauce!

Pat and Brent said...

Sounds like I need to head to walleyworld tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up. Is it everywhere?