Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'm too stuffed to post...

I feel like a stuffed turkey. Literally.  I don't think I've felt this full in FOREVER.  I ran six miles this morning- and did some shopping miles this evening- but I still feel stuffed.

I've got some holiday pics to post- but I'm way too tired to put them all together now!

So- enjoy one funny 'selfie' and a black friday pic for now.

 I ran early this morning with my friend and meant to get a picture with her- but instead I took a picture of the dead deer we ran past (it had frozen blood spewing out of its mouth and kent says it's inappropriate to post) and a pic of me in the car after our run.  It was 23 degrees. felt like 14 with the wind chill.  I never understood wind chill until I moved here.  It was COLD.  the coldest thanksgiving in over a decade.   My face was trying to smile here.  but I couldn't get my cheeks to go all the way.  really.  I think this is what it feels like to have botox.

And me with my fake sister. the other miller.  ashley.  I love her.  We did black friday at target together last year, too!  I love it.  Judge me all you want. I shopped on Thanksgiving.  I didn't go out until 8.  and it was FUN!  and I'm going out more TOMORROW!  and probably checking amazon every few hours tonight! Somebody asked me what I wanted at target- and I told them I wasn't even sure!  I just love to experience it!   and I got some cheap undies.

I'll post my cliche- but very sincere- gratitude post tomorrow.  For now- my bed awaits!  I got up far too early to start the rolls this morning!

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