Wednesday, November 6, 2013

and she's off...

My sister, Daysa-bug, landed in Brazil this morning!   She called  yesterday from the Atlanta airport to say goodbye one last time- and as soon as I said hello- she started crying like a baby.  She's scared.  and homesick. and completely unaware of what she's gotten herself into :)  She's serving a mission for our Church- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  She'll live in Brazil for 18 months- speaking Portuguese - teaching the people of Curitiba, Brazil, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It just happens to be the very same city where Kent spent two years doing the very same thing!  He's pretty excited for her to be there!

She's the blondie with the spotted scarf on the front row!  

She spent two weeks in the Provo, Utah, training center waiting for her VISA- and had quite a few adventures while there :)  She spent some time in the hospital thanks to two back-to-back epi pen injections.  She'd never used an epi pen prior and didn't have a prescription for one! but luckily after a severe allergic reaction (including body swelling- welts and hives- non stop vomiting- and an intense asthma attack) to some nuts, an on site doctor administered the epi pens and rushed her to the ER.  She's fine now- and will be carrying epi pens with her in Brazil!  I think all of the drama involved with that made her a little homesick and nervous to actually go to Brazil!  but- she's there and it's a lot harder to get home now even if she wanted to!!

Having her go reminds me so much of my mission! I LOVED it so so much.  I spent 19 months in Moscow, Russia, over TEN years ago!  I can't believe it was so darn long ago.  All of the memories I made are still so vivid it seems like I just returned home!  It was definitely two of the hardest years of my life!  I worked so hard and learned so much and fell in love with Russia and her people!  I still DAILY think and pray about the people I met there!  

I miss the snow and the sour cream and the bread and the borscht and mostly the wonderful people.

 Sometimes I miss it so much still, it hurts.


Katja said...

I had the "what the heck am I doing" moment my first night in the MTC. Good thing they send missionaries out so young, before they really start thinking about what they are getting themselves into. Great times in Russia, I miss it a ton too.

Taylor's said...

How exciting for her and your family! Seriously, is she really old enough to serve a mission! Geez, I remember when she was running around at my wedding with your Aunt! My how time changes things - she is glowing inside and out! My prayers with be with her and the people is serving!

Annie Oswald said...

Great post. Thank you for doing this--Daysa will be excited to know that she is the subject of your blog. Have Kent write to her and tell her how much he loved Curitiba and Brazil. Keep praying for her!