Friday, November 15, 2013

the chair

I've got to remember to get a blog post up BEFORE 10:00 pm.  I'm exhausted!

I'm fresh out of ideas for original blog posts. and I have only taken phone pics of my kids the past week!  so this will have to do.

Metta is trying to potty train herself.  Because I am CERTAINLY not interested in doing it yet.  She's so excited about the 'potty' and not being 'stinky'.  Those are two of her favorite words. She informs us when she needs to go to the bathroom- and runs to the toilet.  She has pooed in it once already!  I guess she's making up for her speech delay by being so advanced in bowel movements. 

really, though.  I'm not ready to live the potty training game full time for awhile.  I know it's supposed to be 'so easy' to train young kids.  It's me, not her.  I'm not willing.  We are out and about FAR too often for this to be happily successful for both of us. So- I'll let her sit and use the toilet all she wants- but she'll be wearing diapers for quite some time still!

I don't even know how to potty train a girl!!  our boys were both trained a couple of months before their third birthdays.  Zeb was a breeze, Ike was harder.  I know all kiddos are different- but when do girls usually start potty training?  any magic age- or is it the typical-'when they're ready'.


Laney said...

milly was awful at potty training!!!

Julie Sacks said...

Do it!!! Do it now! If she is ready it should be easy! Having a diaper free home is amazing and I've heard so many times that girls are easy. Carter was showing the "ready" signs and we were out of the house and moving around again in 3 days. For abour a month, I still put a pull-up on him though just in case because I was not about to deal with an accident out of the house. I would say just put pull-ups on her so you don't have to do and redo the diaper if she wants to sit on it. Target has great ones! Good Luck! said...

Emmy is over 3 and is still not potty trained. I've tried everything, so we are just taking it real slow because I am not turning back now. It's taking months. I'm hoping one of these days she decides to care. Funny, she was such an early talker. Guess you get one or the other.

Pat and Brent said...

She's a smart little girl - and very independent! I bet she'll train herself. I really don't think you can claim delayed speech, shes not even 2 and says everything and is easy to understand. You have some really smart kids!!