Tuesday, November 19, 2013

pretty dull day.

pretty long and typical day.

Metta was such a ninny.  no naps.  lots of whining.  mass destruction at every step.   and she wore this hideous nightgown ALL day.  I tried to get her to take it off- but she'd scream "no! no! no!" and hide under the table or run upstairs.  I took a change of clothes with us to the gym.  Her favorite people there couldn't convince her to take it off either.  

Here she is with her pal, Jack.
Ike had a field trip at the art institute today.  He really loved it.  I couldn't go because I had to teach spin- but I stole a pic from a friend.   He's sitting next to Ava.  He's pretty attached to her.  He and the other boys are always getting in fights about who gets to sit or stand by her.  And he can get grumpy and stubborn enough to beat out the other boys for the spot.  

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Pat and Brent said...

I love the way you keep the kids busy and learning - getting such a great head start in life. It also amazes me how these little ones come with their own sense of what they want and such fierce independence.