Sunday, November 3, 2013

every day for a month...

November is NaNoWriMo.  National novels writer's month.  It's a month where novelists around the world vow to write 50,000 words in one month.  That's a lot.  It's like 180 pages.  One day I'd  like to write a book (really) but today is not that day.  I would, however, like to participate in NaNoWriMo in mini form.  I am going to blog EVERYday in Novmeber.   So- there's my accountability clause.  Hold me to it please.
I may just jibber jabber some days- and other days I may post meaningless photos- but I'll be here.

 I've always lived for adventure.  Kent and I have talked -since we've known each other- about seeing the world, doing exciting things, and experiencing as much as we possibly could in our lives!  And so far- in my naive mind-I feel like we've done A LOT already!  I spent almost two years in Russia- he in Brazil- we've skydived- we've traveled to Australia- I've run a marathon- he did a medical mission in Nicaragua-  we've made three humans- we've joined the Air Force- he's a Doctor- we've traveled all over the U.S.- I've been a junior high and high school science teacher-  and I'm sure the list could go on!

When we entered the Air Force- we had a few goals in mind:
1- stay debt free
2-be missionaries and share our knowledge of God's plan with others
3- serve our country and be a part of something bigger than ourselves
4- become global citizens

So far- we've been almost 7 year citizens of Ohio- and we've loved every bit of it!  We've made the best friends and had the greatest experiences.  As we were trying to make our rank list for places to move we really considering staying here!  I LOVE it.  I have a great job - so does Kent- our kids have great friends and schools!  we have great friends.  Everything here is so wonderful.  But then we thought about our goals and realized it was time to move on!  to find our next big adventure.  When it comes down to it- a lot of people talk 'big' about OCONUS (military acronym for outside continental US) opportunities- but most never take the steps to make them happen!  Going overseas scares a lot of people.

I did A LOT of research about locations- and talked to A LOT of people around the world!  and we decided to rank every darn OCONUS spot available (with the exception of eilson, alaska- it's like siberia. lonely and barren)!
 I think our chances -with Kent as a young pediatrician and rank of Captain-are greatest in Elmendorf, Alaska, and Yokota, Japan.  So- they are two of our top picks- along with dream bases like ramstein, england, and italy!

Both sound AMAZING.   and really exciting.  Every person we've met who's lived in Alaska has told us it's their favorite spot yet.  It's beautiful- the weather is perfect!- and there's so much to do!

Yokota, Japan- is 45 minutes outside of Tokyo.  Our church (LDS/Mormon) has a large congregation on base!  there's a Costco!! Tokyo, Disneyland- and you can see Mt. Fuji from the base!  how exciting?!?

When it comes down to it- we may be used as  'needs of the air force' and put in a place we never even considered.  We could get orders- only for them to change at the last minute!  we could end up in Minot, North Dakota.  The Air Force has a mind of it's own- and we are aware of that :)  Kent and I had a personal telephone conference with one of the chief assignment officers for pediatricians to discuss our desire to go overseas- and he reminded us of the most important thing-  God is bigger than the Air Force- and we'll end up where we are supposed to!

So now we WAIT. and WAIT. and WAIT some more.  Because that's how the Air Force works :)  Wish us luck.  Send us prayers!

I can't wait for our next big adventure!!


Jill Pierce said...

I am excited to see where you end up going! We won't ever go overseas due to being in the EFMP program. Oh well. Enjoy it for us!

yaya said...

You have done tons in your short life and you've done it with style! You and Kent and the kiddos will be sent someplace amazing because once you get there it becomes amazing because of you! Prayers will go out for you guys from us and I'll be excited to see what happens...oh, and send me a signed copy of your first book...please?

Cynthia said...

Good luck!! I can't believe you don't have an exact match date, though. That is insane! Can't wait to find out.